Imagine Who?

Nov 24

Imagine Andy Biersack

Request: Could you write a really smutty Andy Biersack imagine????

"Andy! Get in here! Now!" Your probably wondering why I’m yelling at my best friend right now. I just found a bunch of play-boys and pictures of me half naked and sleeping. Creepy! I snuck into his room to scare him. He didn’t know I was here. I heard feet running up the stairs. I was pissed. He busted down the door and stared at me then what was behind me.

"Shit. I umm I can explain? No that’s a lie I can’t." Next thing I know I’m being undressed and on his bed. Well then not what I had planed but ok. After a while I noticed he was only half dressed.

"So Andy. Is this what you and Juliet fought about?" He didn’t answer jaunt finished taking his pants off. No batman boxers? The cheeky bastard went commando. After a little bit of for play you know the usual shit. Fingering, teasing, blowing, and everything else in between and endless amount of begging. I still do t get what I want.

"I love you [Y/N]."

"I love you too Andy."

"No I really love you always have. And now I’m going to show you just how much." Before I had time to respond he slammed in to me. And girlie was huge! Wait this shouldn’t be happening. What would Ashley do if he found out that I was fucking his best friend! Fuck it he felt good. Did I mention I was a virgin? Oh well.

"Andy! I think I know what you mean now." He smirk and continued to relentlessly fuck me senseless.

*hours later*

"Andy! You home?" Shit Ashley is home. Ok let me explain. No I’m not dating Ashely hence why I was still a virgin till Andy. My name is [Y/N] Purdy. Ashley is my older brother and he lives with Andy. Me and Andy tried to get our cloths on as fast as we could but Ash Ash walks in the room and now looks ready to kill. "You deflowered my baby sister!!!!!" Really Ashley? Really? Of all words you could have said you chose deflowered?

"Ashley it wasn’t his fault!" I really hope Andy used a condom other wise this is pointless in saving him.

"Fine! Did you at least use protection?"


~Abigailia Thorn

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